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UA is calling to all gamers to compete, stream, and create with UA. We invite casuals, sweats, and pros. We want to maintain space for new gamers, casual competitors, and all who want to play fighting games, shooters, sports, and trending games

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What is UA Game Club?


Our game club is open to anyone who wants to join our chat @ 
We invite casual players and pro players to join our club by following us on twitch.

UA Casuals

For all ages

Our goal is to advocate competitive gaming, game art, and the fighting game community. We are seeking to find players who love to just play or watch. We also are seeking casual followers, fans, and any support to grow a robust gaming community in Hartford, CT.

Content Creation

Ages 18 and over

For those who want to learn/assist with graphics technology and content creation. UA will facilitate training sessions to produce content and publish online content.

UA League Play

Ages 21 and over

UA Academy seeks fighting game/FPS players who are willing to commit to playing in a competitive league weekly. We will organize and maintain the league's season and content. Our goal is to build a community of players and fans who support their league through donations, subscriptions, and following our league by watching and or attending shows.



The Idea

UA is on a mission to provide urban communities with competitive gaming and computer graphics technology skills. The formation of UA academy is partly inspired by a book, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed. By, Paulo Freire. This book inspired me to become a teacher of the oppressed. The book made me Jamaia Smith, come to realize that growing up with the racial oppression of the United States makes me uniquely qualified to lift other oppressed people. Now, after 20 years of professional digital media production.  Jamaia Smith, a Hartford, CT native initiated UA Academy to teach art and computer graphics technology with hopes to empower.
Urban Arts?

Urban arts is a term that I created to define the arts we find most common in urban communities. The creative expression of urban people. I find value in teaching and advancing urban creations such as competitive gaming and Hip-hop media.  Being a computer graphics scientist I can see UA pioneering an urban renaissance by producing impactful urban art.

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